The Sogo Ryu Bujutsu System includes a devastating array of joint locks. One of the more basic locks is joint lock #2. This particular lock is found in many different martial arts systems. Whether you call it an outside wrist twist, Te Gamae, Kote Gashi or just plain old #2, it has a lot of usefulness.Outside Wrist Twist
In the Sogo Ryu system, the student is initially taught Joint Lock #2 from a same side wrist grab. The defender rotates his hand up, causing both his and his opponent's hand to be palm up. The defender then reaches under the attacker's hand with his free hand and grasps the attacker's hand deep inside the web. The defender's thumb is on the pinky side of his attacker's hand as in the photo above. The attacker's hand is then rotated outward, throwing the attacker to the ground.
Although the beginning student is taught this technique from a same side wrist grab, it has many different applications. At the black belt level, the student should be able to demonstrate its use from a cross wrist grab, two hand wrist grab, lapel grab, double rear wrist grab, punch, and knife attack, just to name a few.
Remember: Basic does not mean useless.